My grandfather was in this facility recently after a fall and receiving hip replacement. The therapy department had him back walking in no time. They were so caring and kind to him. He stated the food was pretty good for a facility. “Better than the hospital.” The admission girls were always friendly and helped answer any questions I had. It was a hard process not being able to see my grandfather in the hospital or the facility but the window visits helped. I’m thankful for the caring people that work at this facility. Highly recommend.

Hope C.

Greenville Rehabilitation has been a miracle from God for us. My Mother-in-law (which I love deeply) is currently at Greenville Rehabilitation. We live in Miami, Fl and it is very difficult to make informed decisions from hundreds of miles away. Even with our visits every two weeks, it does not make it any easier, also adding all the restrictions caused by COVID-19. Thanks to Kelly and Melisa this time of heartache has been made a little easier for us. They have assisted us through the entire process, from choosing the right facility, that’s right they even assisted us with choosing other rehabilitation centers just Incase we were unable for any reason to get into Greenville. To speaking with hospital administrators to make the transition run smoothly. To sending us pictures of the facility, since COVID-19 regulations do not let us visit to see facility. I can go on and on with what they have done for us. Thank you, Kelly and Melisa you have shown us love, compassion and understanding during this difficult time for us. You will always be in our hearts and prayers. Thank you.

Rick A.

The staff are great people. They were very helpful and showed a tremendous amount of sympathy and empathy towards my aunt and my family. My aunt was there 2 months ago and they gave her great care. My aunt never complained and in fact always bragged about the great care that she received from the staff. In fact she always talked about how great an understanding the staff was to her. The Admissions team did a great job with transitioning her from the hospital to the facility. If my family or my aunt ever had to choose a facility for her to return to it would definitely be Greenville Post Acute.

Jenn F.

The inside of the facility is beautiful. Apparently they did renovations a few years back and it shows. Staff has always been really helpful in answering my questions. Good group of people.

Bill H.

I appreciate all the communication that I have received from Mrs. Lauderdale. Whenever I needed to check on my Mom, Mrs. Lauderdale, always helped me with questions and concerns that my family and I had. You are very lucky to have this sensitive and caring person on your staff. All other nurses and staff were kind and good to My Mom. The facility is very clean. Thank you very much. I would recommend this facility to anyone with nothing but good things to say.

Dianne J.

I am writing this on behalf of our resident William H., who could not access this site. William discharged today and want to thank all staff for being so kind. William enjoyed his stay and mostly enjoyed the meals. William told me to make sure I give us a 5 🌟. William would like to say thank you to Michelle Fortenberry.

Kelly M.

While I have never been to this place to be able to rate it, I am solely rating it on the experience that I had with the admissions coordinator, Kelly. I called to find out about placement for my mom, but after telling her what was going on with my mother, she said that her center didn’t seem to be the right place for my mom’s care and then she recommended another place and person to speak with. I thanked her and we ended the call.

A few moments later, Kelly called me back with that person on the line and she said she made the call for me because she could hear in my voice something that told her I could use the extra assistance. That act in itself touched me dearly as I did not recognize what she heard, but it was exactly what I was feeling. After making calls all week for my mom and getting either a voicemail with no returned call or an answer that could not help me, Kelly’s kindness touched me like no other. I am not sure if either facility can help my mother, but this facility with Kelly sure did bless my soul.


We have a loved one in this facility. She was previously at a different facility, which enables us to compare the two. Greenville Post Acute is the best place I can imagine for her. The rehab department is excellent. The customer service of the staff members we have interacted with have far exceeded our expectations. We don’t have to worry about anything when we are away as we are confident that she is getting the very best of care!

Trista H.

I have worked for this building for 3 and a half years. 1 year of it under this ownership. It’s an absolute huge difference in the building aesthetically and deeply in operations! Much quicker response in repairs, patient care and transportation of patients! We have been awarded recognition by the National Healthcare Association as a leading provider in the upstate! Just finished our licensure survey from state TAG FREE! Heck yes! Nothing but great things happening here!

Jonathan T.

My husband was at Greenville Post Acute following Hip Replacement. He and I found his stay there a very pleasant experience. The staff went above and beyond to care for him. Clean environment (not overpowered by the smell of Urine when you walk in), and he said the food was delicious! Would highly recommend.

Donna Y.

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